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I have been re-reading the rule boks for v4 and v5.5 of T&T. While it is fairly easy to play, there is one thing that bothered me back then. The lack of survivability of characters.

In the Buffalo Castle official adventure, one character can get in combat with an ogre. Not an easy thing for one character, first level, combat in this game to survive. There are chances for stat or weapon improvements; however, I think its too tough. More of a killer dungeon than an average dungeon. I prefer the average, with some surprises. I think the same of the example dungeon, Trollstone Caverns, in the 5.5 rule book.

Surprises that the players can decide to run away from and save their characters.

So I wont be making any killer dungeons, nor what is termed Monty Haul dungeons. The later are of the type ‘your character killed two orcs, gain tons of gold pieces’. Not going to happen here.